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The Oasis for Natural Healing

The Oasis for Natural Healing

About Us

Owned by a Nurse Practitioner specializing in holistic health. Tracy Matzinger, FNP suffered from a skin condition on and off since she was a child. It caused severe itching, cracked open skin. It became worse as she got older. Eventually, steroid creams no longer helped and it was suggested that she may need to go on immune suppressants to help her skin. She knew that being on immune suppressants would make her susceptible to infection, and working in the hospital, this was not an option. Turning to holistic health, particularly a technique called Nutrition Response Testing, she began to notice an improvement in her skin. She then knew that not only did holistic techniques work, but they got rid of the problem, not just mask the symptoms like medications do. So, in turn she became certified in Nutrition Response Testing and has been able to help with a variety of symptoms including, bowel problems, sleeping problems, blood pressure, blood sugar regulation, hormone imbalances, and so much more!

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