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Ship Audit Pros is like spell check for your shipping accounts, looking for late deliveries, address correction surcharges, Saturday delivery surcharges, dimensional weight overages, duplicate charges, residential fee surcharges, and unused shipping labels. A 40-point audit comprehensively analyzes each shipment and claims for refunds are automatically submitted to FedEx, DHL and UPS with the context required to get the refunds you deserve.

Claims are automatically submitted and tracked as they are credited back to your FedEx, DHL and UPS accounts. Ship Audit Pros verifies the amount of each refund, and splits this amount with you. This is our contingency fee for service. As such, the shipment auditing platform by Ship Audit Pros can only save you money. It's found money! There are no upfront or ongoing fees; just a split of savings delivered. Make the no-risk move to get the savings you deserve.

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