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Frankfort School District 157-C Education Foundation

Frankfort School District 157-C Education Foundation

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About Us

The Frankfort School District Education Foundation is a nonprofit that supports all the students of the 157-C School District. Our mission is to raise funds throughout the school year to fulfill teacher-written grants for equipment and materials that directly benefit students in the areas of art, literacy, technology, math, physical education, science, social studies, and character-building programs.

The Foundation was formed in 1995 by a partnership of parents, community members, and school administration. The Foundation volunteers to raise funds received from the Foundation's annual fundraising auction, corporate sponsors, private donations, hot lunch program, and other fundraisers.

Board Members:
President: Marc Dabaco -
Co-Vice President: Gabby Dabaco and Nicole Queen -
Treasurer: Kelly Kirkman -
Co-Secretary: Cara Matesi and Mary Lynn Snyder -
Hot Lunch Chair: Emma Kibbon -

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